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It can only take one misstep for you to find yourself in over your head, unable to get your finances in order as high annual percentage rates cause your income to shrink faster and faster. Maybe you have made a few trips to the pawn shop. Gotten some fast money to put towards your bills, but there are only so many things that you can pawn. You may think you have no choice but to take out more loans to pay off existing loans or maybe you can’t even qualify for a loan any longer. If you find yourself in a similar situation or see yourself starting to slip, you may have an option that you hadn’t thought of before.

If your household has multiple vehicles, some of which are not necessary, you may be able to get cash out of them. You might think that you’ve thought about that before but you just didn’t have the time or energy necessary to privately sell your vehicle. Selling privately can sometimes cost money, as you take out ads, or drag on for months wasting your time. If you have an unneeded vehicle but don’t have the time to sell it for the cash you need, give us a call today! At Cash for Cars Oxnard, we have made it our mission to give you fast and reliable service. We can get you the money you need to get back on your feet. We can pay you just as fast as a payday loan center without all the red tape and future payments.

If you are intrigued but think your car is in bad enough shape that it is unsellable, it still could be worth it to call. We buy cars in just about any conditions, from new to used to complete junk. Even if you have a rust bucket that has been falling apart on your property for years, we may pay you for the recyclable value of its metal, rubber, and plastic.

So if you have a car that you need to sell, give us a call. There is no faster way to sell your vehicle! We are even conveniently located in the Oxnard area, allowing us to come to you. Just think, by this time next week, you could have your old car off your mind and have the money you need, all without ever having to leave your home!

selling a car testimonial


“I really appreciated this company buying my old, junk car. I was surprised to get any money at all for it, much less the amount they offered. I fully expected to have to pay someone just to haul it off my property. They were great to work with.”