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We Buy Cars In Oxnard, CA


We Purchase Used Cars

There are many factors that can make selling your car privately more difficult. At Cash For Cars Oxnard, the standards by which we evaluate cars is oftentimes different than those that buyers in the private market use. If you have had bad luck selling your vehicle in any of the following reasons, give us a call and you might find out just how easy we make it to sell your car!

Trouble Cars

  • “Lemons” – Certain makes and models have gained a reputation for being “lemons” that never quite work right and break down often. This can cause potential buyers to skip over your vehicle while perusing ads and could cause them to select a similar vehicle even if it is in worse condition than yours. If the reputation of your vehicle’s manufacturer has made it difficult to connect with a buyer, it is easy to give up. But before you resign yourself to living with your “lemon,” give us a call. We buy just about every car we can, regardless of reputation.
  • Damaged – In a used car market that is as saturated with sellers as ours is today, buyers can afford to be a little more discerning about the vehicle they purchase. If you have pets or children, the interior of your vehicle may have stains that render it undesirable to prospective buyers. The same goes for cracked dashboards, torn seats, or overall grimy interiors. We make offers every day on vehicles in a wide variety of conditions. Don’t let a damaged interior come between you and the sale of your vehicle.
  • Old – Once a vehicle has reached a certain age and has not gained collectable value, it becomes difficult to sell, even if you have kept the vehicle in good working order. If you have a vehicle that is older and that you no longer drive but you don’t want to watch it deteriorate in your driveway, we may be able to help. We buy vehicles that are very old or that have high mileage counts.
  • Unique – If you have put extensive maintenance into a vehicle or have added after-market parts, it can become a challenge to find a buyer. Oftentimes, buyers a scared off by custom engine work that they don’t understand or mistakenly perceive as done “on the cheap.” While there are certain modifications that deter us from buying vehicles, we regularly buy unique and even collectable vehicles.


“I really appreciated this company buying my old, junk car. I was surprised to get any money at all for it, much less the amount they offered. I fully expected to have to pay someone just to haul it off my property. They were great to work with.”