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We Buy Junk Cars In Oxnard, CA


We Buy Junk Vehicles

Do you have a junk car that you think is destined to rot in a landfill? Junk cars are everywhere. They are left on properties for years. They cannibalize for parts. They are inherited and left to leak oil and other dangerous chemicals into our environment. Most of the time, these junk cars find their way into landfills. You may think that this is where the trouble with junk cars ends, after all what damage can they do in a landfill. Unfortunately, junk cars contribute to metal pollution in landfills all over the world. Rainwater carries rust and other dangerous chemicals from the landfill into public water sources, endangering the health of nearby residents.

To help battle the effects of metal pollution in Oxnard and the surrounding area, we have instituted a “Cash For Junk Cars” program.

How It Works


We Buy Junk Cars – We buy local junk cars based on the value of the parts of the vehicle that can be recycled. To qualify, a car must be unsafe to drive, not worth fixing, no longer running, or no longer serviceable. Being located in Oxnard, allows us to go to local residents who want to sell a junk car and remove that car from their property. We tow vehicles away for free in the hopes that we can attract more sellers by keeping the process as easy for our clients as possible.


We Prepare the Vehicle For Recycling – We make sure that every junk car we buy is drained of all toxic fluids before recycling the vehicle. We dispose of these fluids in an environmentally friendly way by adhering to all applicable state and federal laws.


We Recycle Vehicles – Recycling a vehicle can have a larger impact than you may think. By recycling metal, plastic, and rubber, we can reduce the amount of resources it takes to produce new materials. This helps preserve oil and electricity and keeps the cost of these materials lower than they otherwise would be. The salvaged material from junk cars can be used in many ways. For instance, the steel from recycled vehicles is used in home construction and to build new vehicles. The rubber from tires is used to make longer lasting playground equipment for local parks. The plastic that we recover from battery casings helps to slow production of new plastic—which has an extremely detrimental effect on the environment.



“I really appreciated this company buying my old, junk car. I was surprised to get any money at all for it, much less the amount they offered. I fully expected to have to pay someone just to haul it off my property. They were great to work with.”